Technological Advantages

In a industry there is always a combination of wear mechanisms that makes all kind of equipment to fail.
Have you ever considered the real damage in single mechanism proportions?

Most cost effective way to combat abrasive wear, due to uniform deposition of Carbide Matrix in all hard facing thicknesses, DEEMEX hard facing solutions guarantee high profitability in ore mines, power plants, refineries, cement industries and similar industrial applications.

Easily applicable to large scale projects

Decreasing production downtime

Minimizing maintenance and repairs

Wide range of custom overlays, profiling in any size and shape

Competitive Advantages

Capability of producing ultra thin plates measuring a width of 3+3 mm which is possible from very few companies worldwide

Capability of producing not only typical patterns but also tailor made patterns according to customers’ requirements e.g wave patterns

Optimization of the flow and welding of raw materials, optimal binding of coating lanes and penetration of coating into the base plate